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 Post subject: This is where talking gets u....
 Post Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:24 am 
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yx: heya
[3:45]Monyx: you there?
[3:49]Monyx: heya
[3:50]Keyser: hi
[3:50]Monyx: u still tryin to do that combo?
[3:50]Keyser: i got a really effecient one now
[3:50]Monyx: oh?
[3:50]Monyx: you mustve copied what u saw me do....
[3:51]Monyx: is that what you did?
[3:51]Keyser: saw you do? you blocked e
[3:51]Keyser: me
[3:51]Keyser: and no, i built on my previous idea
[3:51]Keyser: and made it more effecient
[3:51]Monyx: no you saw me using capacitator
[3:52]Monyx: i let u see that much of it
[3:52]Keyser: my method doesn't use capacitor
[3:52]Monyx: then for one our methods arent very similiar at
[3:52]Keyser: you use my mehtod of 3dl and aod to start you
capacitor flux trick
[3:53]Keyser: so yes, you copied from me
[3:53]Monyx: hmm
[3:53]Monyx: youre being mean
[3:53]Monyx: lol
[3:54]Monyx: you have no idea how mine works keyser
[3:54]Keyser: you use aod and stalking spirit to get a ton of
[3:54]Keyser: use flux capacitor to get flux
[3:54]Monyx: ok....?
[3:54]Keyser: and then use white elephants to get glory
[3:54]Monyx: hmm
[3:54]Monyx: close
[3:54]Monyx: but not quite
[3:55]Monyx: neways...i didnt copy you
[3:55]Keyser: and you got the aod idea from seeing me
[3:55]Monyx: nope
[3:56]Monyx: i thought of it last nite..... me and u even talked
about it yesterday evening. and i first thought of it when talkin
to jargon
[3:57]Monyx: did we not talk about it yesterday evening?
[3:57]Monyx: yes we did.
[3:57]Keyser: but you didn't know how to make it happen until
you saw my groe, naturescapce
[3:57]Keyser: so you copied me to get it to work
[3:57]Keyser: admit it or not, whateer, but you did
[3:57]Monyx: no i didnt...
[3:58]Monyx: i thought of the one trick last nite
[3:58]Monyx: sure i got naturescaping from you
[3:58]Monyx: but i perfected it before you did
[3:58]Keyser: so if i had known how to hide my game, you
would hae never figured out how to make the combo work
[3:59]Monyx: yea i wouldve. you wouldnt have...youre the one
that watched my capacitator trick and copied me
[3:59]Keyser: lmao. i already had an infinite combo before you
even used capactor. and i don't need a capictor, my method
doens't use a capicitor, so there is no copy
[4:01]Monyx: i already had infinite combo before you had the
infinite combo cause i thought of the combo last nite........
[4:02]Keyser: knowing and infinite combo and knowing how to
make it work with limited flux resources are two different things.
you didn't know how to make your glory combo work until you
saw my naturescapting method
[4:02]Monyx: dude i saw naturescaping 3 days ago
[4:02]Monyx: and that part isnt even the hard part to do....
[4:03]Keyser: i'm tired of this discussion. if you feel right
about copying someone else and taking credit for it, then do it.
i'm not discussing this anymore
[4:04]Monyx: good im not discussing it anymore either and ill
say what i got to say on forum...i thot it better to discuss it with
you first before taking it to that point but you simply wanna try
to patent something that wasnt even that hard to think of and
then say i stole it from you.
[4:05]Keyser: did you KNOW how to do it before you saw me
doing it? step by step, start to finish?
[4:05]Monyx: yes.....
[4:05]Keyser: no. you admitted as much aboe when you said
you got the ns method from me
[4:06]Monyx: well then ill add in that i thot of naturescaping
when i saw u do it
[4:06]Monyx: but thought of the rest on my own
[4:07]Keyser: and that's why your idea magically materialized
out of now where AFTER you saw my infinite flux combo going,
[4:07]Monyx: also you said you were done talking about it?
[4:07]Keyser: that was an amazing comeback. i think they call
it rediretion
[4:08]Monyx: lmao....no they dont call it anything...you simply
know no means to an end.
[4:08]Keyser: then respond to the statement and don't change
the subject
[4:09]Monyx: my idea materialized after i discussed it with
jargon and after discussing it with u yesterday evening and after
viewing jargons post on ss and aod yesterday
[4:09]Monyx: it had nothing to do with magic
[4:10]Keyser: and you figured out how to make your idea
actually work when you saw me already having an infinite combo
[4:10]Monyx: no...i started a game...cast stuff and made it
[4:11]Keyser: AFTER you saw mine
[4:11]Keyser: and then you were bragging" wow, you slow, i'll
start one and get to 80 before you do"
[4:11]Keyser: so you had to go make a deck
[4:11]Keyser: and go from there
[4:12]Monyx: no i thot of it before u ever even figured out how
to make it work
[4:12]Monyx: therefore the idea was mine
[4:12]Keyser: thought of it....but you dind't know how to make
it work
[4:12]Keyser: or you woudl have done so
[4:12]Keyser: i can think of a miliont ways to get a million
[4:12]Keyser: but they can't all be done
[4:12]Keyser: you ahve to have the resources, cards, flux, etc
to get the combo fof
[4:12]Keyser: off
[4:12]Monyx: nah for one my method isnt even like yours
[4:12]Keyser: and you didn't know that part...the beginning
part... until you saw mine
[4:12]Monyx: sure i got naturescaping from u
[4:13]Monyx: and i dont even use the same cards as u
[4:13]Monyx: to set it up
[4:13]Keyser: and you coudln't have done it without
[4:13]Monyx: i cast lots of different sttuff
[4:16]Monyx: sorry keyser but my method is infinitely better
than urs and if u wanna take credit for something by letting ppl
watch ur games.... and ur mediocre ideas.... then go ahead be
my guest.....but its ur morals and conscience. anyways im done
discussing...and if ur that high strung about it then yes u
shouldve blocked me but u didnt.....so i didnt copy u and even if
i did theres no rule against. ok now u can make a comeback
here or on the forum but im done....cause i know im right


 Post subject: Re: This is where talking gets u....
 Post Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:09 pm 
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All of this just for 100 gold in a game?


DarkJello :oops:

Ad astra per alia porci!$!

 Post subject: Re: This is where talking gets u....
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:44 pm 
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Yea i know right ? :) I got too much time on my hands. I'm not complainin though...i rather like it that way.


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