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 Post subject: The Counter Everything Deck
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:48 pm 
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This is a deck archetype I've been playing with that tends to really annoy people, make them call you unkind names, and be accused of unfair gameplay.

When the deck "works", it does seem that way. My opponent plays an echantment, I Disenchant it. My opponent gets a game-winning card out, and I Negate it. My opponent is geared up for a big play with 3 domains and 18 flux, and I Dispel Flux. My opponent deals lethal damage to my creature, I give it Training. My opponent has a nice clump of bases and creatures, I let the Volcanoe explode.

It's annoying to play against, because you feel like you can't do anything.

However, when the deck doesn't work, it really really doesn't work. If my opponent gets a Barkskin Dragon, a Volcanic Phoenix, or even a Freelance Drake out, I'm pretty much done for. If I negate a seeming threat only to allow my opponent to play a much bigger threat, I'm done for. If I don't have vision at a neccessary time, I'm done for. If I don't have the right counter card at the right time, I'm done for.

The deck is hard to play and requires a lot of guessing, anticipating, planning, and luck.

What are your thoughts on such a deck? Is it a viable tournament style deck? Should it be? Should counter/denial strategies be a part of TFW? What are the biggest weaknesses to such decks? What's the funnest part about playing such a deck? What's the worst part about playing against such a deck? What decks can be made that don't have to worry about counter/denial decks? Discuss.

Altren wrote:
I agree with Keyser, and that's what I'm planning to implement actually.

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 Post subject: Re: The Counter Everything Deck
 Post Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:16 am 

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I think that counter/denial strategies are an intregal part of any card game. I have tried it and found that you are right in that if they land a threat you are in trouble and i havent really found a good way to deal with that problem. I also found myself holding the wrong answers a high number of times.

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