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 Post subject: Care Bears
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:25 pm 
The Dark Platypus
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Three days ago, I *thought* I had come up with a brilliant deck idea. Sadly, in testing, the deck has fizzled out.

The main idea is as follows:
I've seen players take a Lycanthropy, Arcane Adjust it, and turn two dieing weenies into bears. Morph obviously fits into this. My epiphany was to add Refracting Mist to the mix, sending the Lycanthropy back to hand and playing it again.

When you refract light, you get an assortment of colors. A rainbow.
We aren't refracing light, but bears.
Rainbow bears.
Care Bears.

Here's my latest try at the deck. Suggestions are welcome.

Buildings: (6x)
1x Grove
3x Beacon of Celador
2x Great Oak

Creatures: (16x)
2x Trunk Hermit
2x Thistle Falcon
2x Astridian Diplomat
2x The Coldstream Guard
2x Pine Ent
2x Goose Tamer
2x Tenderfoot Archer
2x Elven Scout

Enchants: (7x)
2x Erg Geyser
2x Charm
3x Lycanthropy, Bear

Spells: (13x)
2x Mystic Feedback
3x Morph
3x Arcane Adjustment
2x Sunburst
3x Refracting Mist

Total: 42

Altren wrote:
I agree with Keyser, and that's what I'm planning to implement actually.

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 Post subject: Re: Care Bears
 Post Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:29 am 
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Deck looks too slow to me, but that is only after a quick review...

How often are you getting to 3 domain, thus allowing the "care bear" trick, against worthy opponents?


Ad astra per alia porci!$!

 Post subject: Re: Care Bears
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:50 pm 
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If I am not mistaken to get ele domain you use just that Diplomat?
if so, then:
add thistle
add diplo
drop geyser
drop sunburst

drop hermits
possibly add lightning bolt (hmm... just that ele spell giving 6 to all adj creatures) against biggies

should improve it significantly ;)

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