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 Post subject: selling everything (1419 cards!)
 Post Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:09 pm 

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selling it all. paypal. I'll sell for any reasonable offer. just be reasonable, not insulting ;) just my 2 kight of celedors cost 15+ dollars worth of gold. not to mention my hermits, barskins, crickets, tortured ghosts, pine ents, living monuments, nightmares etc. so just keep that in mind. (straight 'pack value' in case your curious: $180).

I can't seem to get any better at the game and get beaten 80% of the time. I've been playing since beta... So I have decided to focus on getting better at something more rewarding, like the guitar.

sorry for things listed twice. it spits it out that way for some reason (in the big list at the end). afaik, it's the larger of the two numbers is the amount I have. when it doubt look at the screenshot or ask. i wouldn't worry too much though it only glitched out on commons that I have a ton of.

How this is laid out:
I listed the rares, took some screenshots and then just listed all the cards at the end.

1x Astridian Geographic Society, 1x Mud Shelter, 1x Isolated Monastery, 2x Wasteland Yurt, 2x Trance Lantern, 1x That Hive, 1x Astridian Bazaar, 2x Dire Cave Cricket, 2x Tortured Ghost, 1x Caravan of Dreams, 1x Noggel'n Bobbel'n, 1x Lower Plane Aberration, 1x Driftwood Golem, 2x War Blimp, 1x Pixie Queen, 1x Glorn Airship, 1x Yalrinian Fiend, 2x Agent of Death, 1x Osin Faith Healer, 2x Pine Ent, 2x Farizai Shaman, 2x Trunk Hermit, 2x Barkskin Dragon, 1x Barkskin Dragon, 1x Barbed Necrath, 1x Xosan Heresiarch, 1x Volcanic Phoenix, 1x Abyssal Bloodhound, 1x Glimpse of Greatness, 1x Consecrated Land, 2x Mass Confusion, 1x Traitorous Foundation, 2x Portal, 1x Vortex, 1x Subject of Loathing, 2x Summoning Circle, 2x Null Stone, 1x Greening, 1x Course of Destiny, 2x Knight of Celador, 2x Nightmares, 2x Living Monument, 2x Mind Transplant, 1x Drain Blood

screenshot of rares:

screenshot of odds:

screenshot of uncommons:

screenshot of commons:


here's one giant list of all the cards:
Buildings: (206x)
2x Magnetite Beacon
2x Temple of Zorn
1x Astridian Geographic Society
3x Imperial Stronghold
2x Alabaster Pantheon
3x Signal Station
1x Chambered Reef
2x Beacon of Celador
1x Tilting Grounds
1x Temple of the Skull
2x Wasteland Yurt
7x Quorum Stone
3x Bamboo Watch Tower
1x Gruult Caverns
3x Vapor Mahal
4x Great Oak
2x Great Oak
1x Cathedral of Xosa
6x Hornet Apiary
1x Hornet Apiary
2x Shield Generator
1x Shield Generator
3x Castle Dunmar
1x Castle Dunmar
4x Slate Hut
1x Slate Hut
7x Longshadow Clocktower
5x Walled Outpost
1x Walled Outpost
7x Dank Pit
1x Dank Pit
7x Garrison Ballista
2x Yarnaga's Laboratory
6x Freehold
3x Mogi Nest
2x Mogi Nest
1x Furnace of Gibil
12x Bone Fortress
1x Bone Fortress
2x Foul Obelisk
1x Foul Obelisk
3x Goblin Sawmill
2x Trance Lantern
1x That Hive
5x Shrine of Cathil
3x Shrine of Cathil
1x Astridian Forum
4x Observatory
2x Arcen Moatworks
1x Arcen Moatworks
1x Pillar of Fire
1x Pillar of Fire
2x Loxlorn Globe
2x Heart of the Mountain
4x Flux Capacitor
1x Astridian Bazaar
3x Altar of Ix
1x Altar of Ix
7x Emerald Spring
1x Emerald Spring
1x Isolated Monastery
2x Loxlorn Sail
2x Hadarck's Fort
1x Mud Shelter
1x Trebuchet Emplacement
1x Trebuchet Emplacement
2x Acmar's Stabilizer
2x Dagkarnoken Fortress
2x Scry Pool
1x Scry Pool
3x Ord Stone
1x Ord Stone
1x Ronk's Factory
1x Exhausted Mine
6x Steam Charge
2x Steam Charge
7x Earthworks
2x Earthworks
2x Thunderhead Reach
1x Bilgrin's Workshop
2x Baltasar's Lash

Creatures: (557x)
9x Stone Mason
3x Demented Gangi
1x Demented Gangi
1x Undead Octopus
2x Tortured Ghost
2x Lightning Elemental
2x Elderly Swordmaster
4x Brawn Ox
2x Blade Hurlers
1x Blade Hurlers
2x Dire Cave Cricket
8x Mosslight Slor
1x Mosslight Slor
5x Twisted Nomad
1x Driftwood Golem
5x Panther Disciple
1x Panther Disciple
2x Blind Assassin
2x Abrixian Sparker
2x Pilgrim
3x Red Imp
2x Leprous Shambles
1x Leprous Shambles
11x Treeherd
5x Tangler
1x Tangler
5x Dellenari Beastmaster
1x Dellenari Beastmaster
2x Pastor of Wrens
2x Flame Ent
2x Iron Porcupine
6x Mana Lion
1x Mana Lion
8x Dwarven Warrior
2x Dwarven Warrior
2x Goose Tamer
5x Redpeak Bandit
1x Volcanic Phoenix
2x Hadth, Drill Sergeant
6x Constable of Glorn
3x Mud Mogi
8x Scum Shambler
1x Glorn Airship
7x Soul Broker
3x Tenderfoot Archer
2x Tenderfoot Archer
2x Corathian Javeliners
1x Corathian Javeliners
1x Yalrinian Fiend
2x Astridian Diplomat
1x Pixie Queen
5x Stone Mauler
2x Stone Mauler
2x Stalking Spirit
2x Alearwyn Barque
1x Alearwyn Barque
2x Gully Slingers
1x Gully Slingers
7x Nightfall Bounty Hunter
5x Axe Captain
2x Axe Captain
3x Thistle Falcon
1x Thistle Falcon
2x Stench Cow
4x Theld Bay Sloop
1x Lower Plane Aberration
1x Vampiric Manticore
1x Eastern Halberdier
1x Zeppelin Raiders
2x Lowland Troll
1x Yarnaga's Lab Assistant
3x Sleet Mogi
1x Sleet Mogi
5x Goblin Bomb Squad
2x Goblin Bomb Squad
1x Mosslight Griffin
4x Shield Warrior
2x Shield Warrior
1x Arc Mage
2x Barkskin Dragon
2x Haunt
1x Imperial Herald
2x Wind Mogi
1x Brigade of the Righteous
8x Valedune Arborist
1x Valedune Arborist
5x Zombie
2x Zombie
1x Hypnotic Banshee
5x Knight of Rogh
1x Caravan of Dreams
3x Goblin Soldier
1x Goblin Soldier
7x Home Guard
6x Cinder Mogi
1x Cinder Mogi
1x Twinling
5x Lesser Anemoi
1x Greck
1x Noggel'n Bobbel'n
1x Hex Chaser
2x Pine Ent
2x Arendor Treefolk
1x Osin Faith Healer
2x Skull Catapult
5x Cyclododo
1x Cyclododo
2x Ulg Turtle
2x Duchess of Dunmar
7x Veridic Messenger
1x Barbed Necrath
3x Dirt Bully
1x Dirt Bully
2x War Blimp
5x Animate Boulder
1x Baron of Dellen
9x Kobold Warparty
2x Farizai Shaman
3x Novice Adventurer
1x Novice Adventurer
3x Glub Bird
1x Glub Bird
1x Spaf's Greatbow
3x Hell Cat
1x Hell Cat
1x Xosan Heresiarch
7x Crypt Doctor
1x Crypt Doctor
1x Rat Rifle
1x Rat Rifle
4x Missionary Martyr
6x Stomachless Ghoul
2x Trunk Hermit
1x Putrid Zombie
1x Putrid Zombie
1x Daring Naturalist
5x Mos'k Ranger
2x Windreader
6x Wasteland Raider
1x Wasteland Raider
7x Lawn Gargoyle
2x Lawn Gargoyle
4x Battle Linkir
1x Abyssal Bloodhound
2x Journeyman Necromancer
1x Journeyman Necromancer
2x Kobold Squatters
1x Kobold Squatters
2x Dust Devil
3x Carrion Feeder
1x Carrion Feeder
8x Elven Scout
2x Elven Scout
4x Medium of the 3rd Circle
1x Medium of the 3rd Circle
3x Seething Archosaur
8x Xosan Crusader
2x Agent of Death
2x Geomantic Trickster
1x Drunken Mortar Team
8x Apprentice Timesap
1x Toothless Mastodon
1x Silver Stagg
2x Ghost Ship
4x Riders of OO'Tong
3x Soldier
1x Soldier
11x Craig Scout
1x Craig Scout
6x Dimwitted Manticore
2x Dimwitted Manticore
3x The Coldstream Guard
1x The Coldstream Guard
11x Sapling
1x Sapling
2x KDPW Levy Corps
2x Tunnel Guide
2x Blunderbuss Squad
1x Blunderbuss Squad
3x Galom's Prospectors
1x Galom's Prospectors
2x Battlefield Preacher
1x Battlefield Preacher
1x Form of Vigor
6x Clay Ram
1x Clay Ram
6x Rebellious Serfs
2x Rebellious Serfs
2x Sky Cavalier
3x Illyrion Lancer
2x Fairy Emissary
8x Flamekin
1x Flamekin
3x Kodiak
7x Prodigal Entropene
1x Prodigal Entropene
2x Epic Veteran
1x Epic Veteran
3x Royal Guard
2x Bloodling

Enchants: (366x)
2x Steam Vent
1x Steam Vent
2x Arid Encroachment
2x Icy Encasement
1x Prophetic Lunacy
1x Wandering Whorl
1x Glimpse of Greatness
8x Tailwinds
8x Camouflage
2x Camouflage
1x Reoccurring Dreams
2x Hallows Eve
2x Insatiable Symbiote
2x Energy
2x Barrier Peaks
3x Offending Musk
1x Attrition
1x Lightness of Being
2x Corrupting Flux
2x Double Agent
1x That Spies
1x That Spies
2x Covert Mission
1x Covert Mission
2x Woodland Link
1x Woodland Link
10x Forest Fire
3x Kudzu
8x Sparrow Scouts
1x Sparrow Scouts
2x Vessel of Cathil
10x Iron Gate
3x Iron Gate
10x Psychic Parasite
1x Vortex
1x Course of Destiny
3x Floating Eyes
1x Floating Eyes
6x Loft Pigeons
1x Loft Pigeons
5x Weather Vane
1x Weather Vane
1x Consecrated Land
11x Horns to Hide
3x Horns to Hide
1x Blizzard
1x Traitorous Foundation
1x Gaze of the Tyrant
2x Null Stone
2x Legs of Baba Yaga
1x Legs of Baba Yaga
9x Black Plague
1x Black Plague
7x Planar Rift
2x Planar Rift
8x Spying Sparks
1x Benefits of Numbers
1x Cloud Tether
11x Fear
1x Fear
14x Death Mark
1x Death Mark
1x Subject of Loathing
3x Lycanthropy, Bear
1x The Hunger
1x The Hunger
2x Spatial Disjunction
2x Summoning Circle
2x Drake Lair
9x Mis-Scribed Circle
1x Mis-Scribed Circle
6x Possession
1x Possession
2x Living Monument
6x Woodland Spies
1x Woodland Spies
1x Curse of the Bell Witch
2x Knight of Celador
8x Rune of Shielding
2x Rune of Shielding
1x Gills and Fins
6x Mountain Blessing
1x Mountain Blessing
2x Turmoil
5x Tentacles of Lycaron
1x Light of Day
2x Tales of Yore
4x Entangle
2x Entangle
2x Crush of the Unknown
1x Essene Conduit
1x Call of Korkorth
2x Saboteur
3x Fire Ball
1x Fire Ball
1x Trade Routes
5x Anti-Magic Shell
7x Rune of Swiftness
1x Rune of Swiftness
1x Greening
9x Flash Flood
1x Benefits of a Clear Mind
2x Tunnel Complex
1x Foul Termite Swarm
2x Portal
9x Pixie Wings
3x Draknor's Chain
3x Electric Storm
1x Flash Powder
2x Nightmares
3x Training
1x Piked Heads
2x Mass Confusion
3x Psychotic Break
4x Owl Familiar
2x Owl Familiar
6x Buoyancy
7x Demonic Surge
1x Demonic Surge
3x Shield of Faith
2x Planar Intersection, Air

Spells: (290x)
3x Lysis
1x Lysis
10x Avalanche
2x Avalanche
7x Dispel Flux
2x Mind Transplant
3x Scavenge
1x Scavenge
4x Experience
1x Experience
2x Defection
7x Decomposition
1x Decomposition
3x Repairs
2x Reanimate
2x Telda Bloom
2x Recall
8x Isolated Twister
1x Isolated Twister
5x Resurrection
1x Resurrection
2x Downpour
2x Call to Battle
2x Xastur's Ball
2x Inundation
6x Seedburst
1x Seedburst
4x Bindweed Poultice
1x Bindweed Poultice
1x Gleb's Scavenger Hunt
10x Wider Woods
7x Manipulation
1x Manipulation
3x Teleport
1x Teleport
2x Misunderstood Orders
1x Raw Power
7x Reform
1x Leap of Faith
10x Disenchant
1x Disenchant
2x Grave Summoning
2x Reclaim
2x Naturescaping
4x Zap
8x Graft
1x Graft
8x Nefarious Research
2x Interference
1x Goblin Contractors
3x Local Phasing
9x Beckon the Bones
1x Beckon the Bones
2x Ancient Battlefield
7x Reconstruction
1x Reconstruction
6x Heat Wave
7x Gather Spirits
2x Gather Spirits
1x Drain Blood
6x Hailstorm
3x Sunburst
4x Brimstone Powder
1x Brimstone Powder
1x Knowing Despair
5x Cloudburst
4x Whisk Away
2x Restore Nature's Balance
1x Skulduggery
7x Blueprint
1x Blueprint
2x Reinforcements
4x Volcano
1x Volcano
2x Silviculture
4x Spite
3x Uplifted Earth
2x Gleb's Revitalizing Elixir
1x Gleb's Revitalizing Elixir
1x Land of Dreams
3x Tremor
2x Reroute
7x Ascent
1x Ascent
3x Impure Impulses
7x Cartographic Error
2x Cartographic Error
4x Negate
4x Smoke and Soot

Total: 1419

 Post subject: Re: selling everything (1419 cards!)
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:08 pm 
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Please post who got the cards eventually.
I'd be intersted in few single pieces. (trade with new owner)
Thanks and enjoy whatever you will decide to spend time on instead.
It was good to have you in mighty Draknor's ranks, and our dours will remain opened for you should you decide to comeback at anytime.


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