The Far Wilds

Who are we?

Many people were involved in making this game possible. Thanks guys.

The Far Wilds was made by Code Collective. Please feel free to contact us at:

Programming: Jed McCaleb
Chris Nojima
Kenneth Shor
George Evmenov
Vadim Evmenov
Game Design: Jed McCaleb
Jacob Stephenson
Christian Rudder
Joshua DeBonis
Story and Flavor: Jed McCaleb
Mateo Hartig
Christian Rudder
Art Direction: Jed McCaleb
3D Effects: Jorge Hernandez
2D Art: Many Artists
Music: John Revoredo
Web Editing: Trent Urness
Alexander Komnov
3D Modeling: Blackbow Studios
3D Engine: Ogre 3D