The Far Wilds

How to Play The Far Wilds

This section will teach you the basics of how to play The Far Wilds. Fight brutal warlords with savage armies of man and beast, of elemental chaos and elven tranquility, of life, and of death itself!


Welcome to The Far Wilds, a game of dominion and domination. The Far Wilds is a turn-based, tactical card game that takes place on the edge of the known world. Your job is to gather an army and vanquish enemies unknown, that you may expand your kingdom and your Glory!

In this game, you play quick battles against opposing warlords, represented by either other players or the computer. You bring a deck of cards into each battle - your army. While engaging your opponent, you will vie for Glory, and this will decide the fate of the battle. The first warlord to gain 20 Glory is victorious. At the start of every round, the warlord who controls the most Flux Wells, ancient springs of mystic energy, will earn 2 Glory...

Make sure to also check out the visual tutorial that we've made. It can be found in the following link:

To the left are links to individual pages that will help you understand the basics of the game, to be read in order. You'll be playing The Far Wilds in no time, and good luck!