The Far Wilds

How to play...

The Far Wilds can be somewhat overwhelming when you first start playing. Here are a few points that should help you understand the game.

Player Guide

This is a guide to the metagame of Far Wilds. This will explain the different modes of play and the ways to maximize your time and gold.

Look here for how to play actual battles.


Getting started

When you first join the game you should spend some time playing with the default decks against the computer. Give each deck a try so you can get familiar with the feel of the different Domains and a sense of what cards are out there.

If you just want to play battles and not bother with army construction you can continue to use the default decks or buy Pre-Constructed Armies.

As you play games you will win Phantom Cards. You can use these cards for a limited number of days. You can use these Phantoms and the cards in the default decks to put together your own custom army.