The Far Wilds

Hordes of Chaos

The forces of Chaos are somewhere between good and evil, flesh and spirit, science and magic; they are madness incarnate.

The Cataclysm of the ancient times gave rise to a horror from the depths of the void, which poisoned the flux that flowed forth from the Fallen Star that had brought it to this world. The region where it fell has been reduced to barren wastes, populated by mutants, goblins, and madmen. In some places, there is a loose sense of civilization; the tribal Orcs, Goblins and Kobolds have made something of a life in the wastes, but none of these could be called truly sane. All sorts have suffered the effects of exposure to the energies of the wastes; among the armies that frequently arise there one might find what was once a nimble Elf fighting alongside what little remains of a once-proud Dwarven hero, with shattered spirits, fire in the brain, and bodies disfigured beyond recognition.

The forces of Chaos are unpredictable- indeed, not even those who would seek to control them can be sure of what they are dealing with. Many of the corrupted beings available to a would-be general of a Chaos army are unstable mutants with rapidly changing physiology, and indeed psychology. Mad science has added its part to the weird brew that is the domain of Chaos, creating even more horrific monstrosities; and not even the lower planes are immune to the effects, for the Chaos has been known to claim even hell-spawned demons. In the wastes, nothing is spared; knowledge is a stimulant, blood is money and the very fabric of life and logic are given over to mayhem.