The Far Wilds


Who can truly control the Elementals? They are as fickle and incomprehensible as the forces they embody.

Wherever the flux touched the winds and the waves and the sands and the dust, up rose the Elementals. They are figures of legend in every culture in the modern era; sorcerers, Djinni, the raw embodiments of light and magic and fluctuations in current that are the spirits of the forces of the world and the weather. Who knows the Elementals? They can be anything, and often, are.

In fire and sand and briny spray these wild forces of nature descend like storms to strike their foes, and, just as quickly, they may vanish back to their abstract planes. The lesser entities called the Mogis are brimming with tricks, and the greater elemental spirits are often outright majestic in their powers. Capable of generating catastrophe on a whim and altering the fabric of reality itself, the Elementals do not merely control the weather- they are wind and rain and wildfire; always spectacular, and always dangerous.