The Far Wilds

Mountain Folk

The Folk warriors are as fierce in combat as could be guessed from their earthen lineage, their shoulders as broad and their blades as thirsty as the mightiest heroes of Legend.

The Dwarves, Gnomes and other rarer mountain races, known collectively as the Mountain Folk, have been allied with one another as long as modern history has been recorded. Led by the hero-king Hadarck of the Dwarves and the genius Bilgrin the Brilliant of the Gnomes, these two peoples conquered the mineral-rich hills and mountains of the world, founding the twin capitals of Glorn and Karkzor. Still they fight on to protect their mountain strongholds and conquer their enemies as they arise.

Most prominent among the ranks of the Mountain Folk are their warriors, legendary for their might and prowess in battle, but behind these storied heroes, often with pencil and tablet in hand, stand the keys to their success: brilliant minds! Tacticians, engineers, artillerists and the finest architects in the land provide the technical support that makes the Mountain Folk so powerful on the field; and the strange Gnomish fluxmasters add a generous helping of magic to the mix, altering time and space in characteristically useful little ways to guarantee an advantage over any foe.